...a grassroots movement in China that has become a massive force for peaceful transformation.

Rong Yi, Chairperson of Tuidang Center


Tibetan Monks Detained Over Prayers for Dalai Lama

Radio Free Asia, Tibet, 2d

Chinese police have detained monks from the Pashoe monastery in Chamdo prefecture from the Tibetan Autonomous region. They are accused of sponsoring special prayers for exiled spiritual leader the Dalai Lama. Chinese authorities alleged that the monks sent contributions to a fund for a long-life offering ceremony for the Dalai Lama conducted in India

Chinese Crowd, Furious, Besets Chengguan in Eastern City

Epoch Times, China, 3d

When the crowd in an eastern Chinese city saw Mr. Huang being attacked by chengguan, urban management officials, they decided to intervene and reported the event online As a result nearly 1,000 outraged citizens arrived to the scene, and some of them attacked the officials, deflated their van’s tires and smashed windows and doors.

Released Chinese Writer Vows to Finish Probe Into Child Quake Deaths

rfa, China, 4d

Tan Zuoren, a Chinese writer was released from prison after t five years. "Right now, I will get started on finishing my work," Tan said, He was charged for subversion while trying to probe allegations of corruption linked to construction standards in school buildings that collapsed in the 2008 earthquake in Sichuan


China’s Environmental Crisis – CFR Report

CFR, 2m

China's environmental crisis is due to the fact that it's huge economic growth has come at the expense of its environment and public health. Citizens in big Chinese cities citizens have dubbed the air pollution as "airpocalypse".

The Long Shadow of Chinese Censorship

The Center for International Media Assistance, 6m

The Chinese Communist Party is exporting patterns of domestic control to censor unwanted news and stifle opposition viewpoints internationally.

2013 Report of the Congressional-Executive Commission on China

Congressional-Executive Commission on China, 6m

The Congressional-Executive Commission on China's 2013 Annual Report on human rights and rule of law developments in China.